Motorcycle Course

Rite On Motorcycle Training Program for 2018

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Weekdays   from 6pm to 9pm
Weekends  from 9am to 6pm


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The Motorcycle Training Program is operated by
1470082 Ontario Ltd o/a Rite On Safety Training
in association with Ottawa Driving School.
We are their agents for registration and classroom facilities only.

Rite On Safety Training has been operating motorcycle training programs in Ottawa
since 1990 and has graduated thousands of students.
Courses run from mid-April to the end of September.

Rite On Safety Training provides a 250cc road motorcycle with electric start.

Rain suits are loaned at no charge in case of a down pour.
Helmets rentals are available for $10. Ask about sizing.

M1 to M2 – Motorcycle Skills Course
– minimum 3 students – maximum 15 students.
– with certificate, accepted by some insurance companies.
– a motorcycle will be loaned to you, for your MTO riding test

M1 to M2  Course Fee – $350.00 including tax


Friday: 6:00pm – 9:00pm   (classroom only) at Ottawa Driving School Inc.
– 1245 Walkley Rd Location (near Bank St.) 

Saturday: 9am – 6pm      (on bike – riding)
Sunday: 9am – 6pm           (on bike – riding)

Riding Location will be announced on the Friday.
This course is designed for new riders (no experience) and riders returning to motorcycling.
This course will prepare you for riding on the road.
You will also be prepared for your MTO M1 Exit Riding Test.
Graduates will be loaned a motorcycle for their riding test at the 1570 Walkley Rd. DriveTest location in Ottawa.

Classroom Topics Include: (3 hours)
Logistics, course overview, licensing, buying a motorcycle, maintaining your bike,
getting insurance, dynamics of a single track vehicle, correct braking techniques,
in traffic safe riding methodology, motorcycle riding videos, MTO testing procedures.

On Site – On Bike – Practical Skills & Safety Training: (16 hours)
In a controlled off street environment (paved parking lot), you will spend 2 days learning to ride,
from walking and parking the motorcycle, to emergency stopping and swerving.

Basic Skills Training:
include learning the controls and instruments, to starting the engine, balancing, braking,
clutch operation, moving off, stopping, basic low speed turning, gear shifting, signalling,
proper observation, shoulder checks, and more.

Advanced Skills:
You will learn how to handle curves and corners at higher speeds,
emergency braking, swerving and collision avoidance.

On Site Skills Quiz:

This will test your knowledge and understanding of the skills you’ve learned.

Certificates are issued immediately at the successful completion of the course.

This course operates – rain or shine.
Rain suits are loaned at no charge in case of a down pour.

Proper Attire:
Government approved motorcycle helmet, sturdy jacket and long pants, gloves,
sturdy over the ankle foot wear, eye protection (sun glasses, goggles, visor, etc).


– Ability to ride a bicycle
– Good physical conditioning.

M2 to M – RIDING IN TRAFFIC – no certificate. 
Course Fee
Your motorcycle – $100 +HST = $113
Our motorcycle – $200 + HST = $226
This 3 hour course is designed to prepare an M2 Rider to pass their MTO M2 Exit Test
to graduate to a full M license.
One hour is spent on theory, reviewing and discussing safe riding methods,
checking your bike, single track vehicle dynamics and braking techniques.
Half an hour is spent discussing the MTO M2 Exit Test score sheet and marking system.
The other one and a half hours is spent on the motorcycle
riding along the M2 to M current Road Test Routes with the Instructor.

Call or email for SCHEDULE: 
This course is normally operated “One on One” with the Instructor.
Proper Protective Attire is required.

FSS 01 Apr 13, 14, 15 (CANCELLED, DUE TO WEATHER!)
FSS 02 Apr 20, 21, 22
FSS 03 May 4, 5, 6
FSS 04 May 11, 12, 13
FSS 05 May 25, 26, 27
FSS 06 June 1, 2, 3
FSS 07 Jun 8, 9, 10
FSS 08 Jun 15, 16, 17
FSS 09 Jun 22, 23, 24
FSS 10 Jul 6, 7, 8
FSS 11 Jul 13, 14, 15
FSS 12 Jul 20, 21, 22
FSS 13 Jul 27, 28, 29
FSS 14 Aug 10, 11, 12
FSS 15 Aug 17, 18, 19
FSS 16 Aug 24, 25, 26
FSS 17 Sep 7, 8, 9
FSS 18 Sep 14, 15, 16
FSS 19 Sep 28, 29, 30