Why Choose Ottawa Driving School

We specialize in helping people pass their Road Tests and learn Safe and Responsible Driving

We are a Ministry Licensed & MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider

Our Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course is interactive.
It focuses on Collision Prevention using an awesome computer projection presentation with amazing videos.
This interactive approach is cutting edge / state of the art. It has students working together in the classroom,
to determine how crashes occur, and how they can be avoided.

Why …You … Should … Choose … Ottawa Driving School

Why Choose Ottawa Driving School?

In Car Lessons From just $40 Per Hour

With over 30 years of experience in Driver Education, we are locally owned and operated. We pay our Instructors high wages, so we attract and keep the best.

With 22 instructors to serve you, this means, Instructors are more readily available at the time you want. Also, you are able to choose and change instructors as you please.

We supply cars equipped Dual Brakes (student & instructor) for everyone's safety. Our patient instructors (male and female) are given ongoing training at least twice per year.

We offer cars equipped with Automatic Transmissions and Manual Shift Transmissions. We teach Defensive Driving and Collision Avoidance, to prepare you for a lifetime of safer driving.

We meet you / pick you up at your location (home, school, work) and drop you off.

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